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Reluctantly ignoring fabulous almost-spring weather and Carolina blue skies, I spent most of my day indoors at the NC jQuery & Javascript Camp, a sold out event attended by about 150 people, according to our talented (and very busy!) host, Rebecca Murphey.   The event was held at the Durham Arts Council, in downtown Durham.  Built in 1906, the DAC building has a lovely renovated entrance added in 1988, and was renovated extensively at that time.  I’m not sure when the air conditioning was last updated, but with 150 people and nearly as many humming laptops, the HVAC equipment could barely keep up today.  That being said, the event went very smoothly, thanks to Rebecca and a very helpful gaggle of geeks lending a hand.

While I’ve been a Javascript twiddler for a several years, I’ve become enchanted with the user experience capabilities offered by the newest crop of Javascript frameworks, notably jQuery.  Some of the talent that put these powerful tools together were in the room, and to hear the genuine excitement from them about Javascript was amazing.  I’ve worked with Microsoft products for most of my professional IT career, and I’ve been to quite a few Microsoft events.  None matched the palpable excitement I felt in the room at today’s event.  I’m fully convinced:  if you are looking for innovation, quit looking to Redmond.  The in-the-trenches designers and coders I met today are unstoppable.  Microsoft has money, but you can’t buy enthusiasm like I saw today.

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